Having a day off yesterday ( Bank Holiday ) we traveled up to St David’s from Tenby where we live as it was a nice sunny day to have a look around St David’s Cathedral and take some Photo’s. St David’s Cathedral takes donations of £3 adult free for children and remember if you take pictures inside the Cathedral you will have to buy a permit £1.50 or if you use a video camera it’s £3 buy in shop ( 5.5.08 ) well worth it especially as the sun coming through windows no flash need just use the natural light. A little Information about St David’s before I place some of my Photographs in the listing St David’s is a tiny cathedral city (really no bigger than a village) built on the site of the monastery founded by St David (Dewi Sant) in the 6th Century. The City status of St.David’s was granted to all of St.David’s by H.M the Queen by Royal Charter on 1st June 1995.

March 1st , St David’s Day, is now the traditional day of the Welsh. March 1 is the date given by Rhygyfarch for the death of Dewi Sant, was celebrated as a religious festival up until the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. In the 18th century it became a national festival among the Welsh, and continues as such to this day



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If you have come to my Blog by chance or by a tag would you go to the map section on the blog and place where you come from just to see where everyone comes from.

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As I said in previous post I take a few pictures now and again, when we had this computer Photoshop elements came with a disc with additional software was impressed with it, later I purchased Adobe photoshop elements 5 and I’m now onto Photoshop CS2. Photoshop CS3 now but I’m very happy with what I got. One other Program that I am really impressed with is Ulead photoImpact 12.

I’ve found some great site on the net as well offering free brushes, styles, actions for photoshop cs2 I will be listing the links to these sites later. Also some great self help sites where people guide you through the different stages to get a final product/picture.

Hi there and Welcome to Pembs Blog, This is first time at blogging so it will take sometime to work things out !! This Blog will be about the local area of Pembrokeshire South Wales UK which I live, will be placing local websites, information on the area , I also take pictures so a few of them may appear in this Blog.

Information designs and links to help/tips with Photoshop elements Cs2 and other graphics design software.