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There are lots of wonderful brush sets for photoshop on the web you search there are pages and pages of free photoshop brushes,where people have spent their time  designing them and uploading them for people like myself to use, I have downloaded a few great example of different brushes, but when I want to look for a  brush that I need I have that many it takes time to find what I’m looking for. For all you people out there that have the same problem help is at hand.

I found a website of  a freelance software developer and consultant that offers the program as an opensource, I personally use this program as it saves a lot of time looking for the right Brush if you would like to see more or download the program


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I have been reading about OOB, out of Bound photos so went looking for a tutorial, pictures below which I done from the PDF tutorial which I download, if you would like a copy of the PDF

The Tutorial is very well laid out and easy to follow it is a large file but it takes you through the whole picture process step by step.

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As I said in previous post I take a few pictures now and again, when we had this computer Photoshop elements came with a disc with additional software was impressed with it, later I purchased Adobe photoshop elements 5 and I’m now onto Photoshop CS2. Photoshop CS3 now but I’m very happy with what I got. One other Program that I am really impressed with is Ulead photoImpact 12.

I’ve found some great site on the net as well offering free brushes, styles, actions for photoshop cs2 I will be listing the links to these sites later. Also some great self help sites where people guide you through the different stages to get a final product/picture.

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